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With topic specific videos available all in one places, opening up minds has never been easier.


Cable TV Programs

With access to over 70 channels you can pick any program from Discovery, Nat Geo, Movies, Sports, BBC, History and more.


Multimedia Programs

Our database grows daily. We add programs based on the needs of Australian educators - so you can rest assured it's right for your school too.

Protect your staff and school network from inadvertent use of pirated content and unauthorised digital objects.

Copyright Protection guaranteed for all multimedia and digital objects in creation of digital lessons.

Secure Cloud Storage is Provided

Don't worry about hardware when your storage is provided securely and accessible 24/7.

Multimedia Content Included

Included in your subscription is our ever expanding multimedia library www.tv4education.com. Included is a process for the discovery and use of content from “YouTube”, “YouTube Education” and “YouTube Edu” in your digital lessons.

We guarantee this content and usage within the framework of SmartCurriculum is 100% legal and copyright compliant.

Any Device

There's NO software or apps to install. All you need is a device with a current browser and you're connected - wherever you are.

How does it work? Find out in 3 simple steps.

Not only is it simple and easy, There's NO software, NO Apps to install. All you need is a device with a current browser and your staff and students are online 24/7.

Visit the "Digital Content Police".

1) All content used at your school in the creation of digital lessons will be automatically filtered through the SmartCurriculum Sentinel. You can get copyright guaranteed and legitimate content from us (via www.tv4education.com or the SmartCurriculum YouTube integrator), or use the SmartCurriculum Sentinel to check files from other providers.

Files are automatically sorted.

2) Files will be sorted into 3 seperate categories by the SmartCurriculum sentinel;
  • Rejected (Copyright Infringement)
  • Approved (Copyright Compliance Guaranteed)
  • Awaiting Approval (suspect material)
  • Rest easy.

    3) Approved content will then flow directly into your secure cloud storage where your staff and students can continue 21st century learning practices with the assurance that they are protected with SmartCurriculum 24/7.

    Why should you worry about copyright?


    Why should you worry about copyright?

    But I have screenrights...

    Screenrights doesn't automatically cover you for the use of digital or multimedia. You still need to check each individual file - or just let SmartCurriculum do it for you.

    But the IINET case was about private users not schools...

    It's no longer enough to say "I didn't know" or "I thought it was ok" or "but it was for school". Each individual can now be tracked and held accountable.

    But we already use a multimedia provider...

    Where does that company get their content? Can they guarantee in writing that all their content abides by the individual copyright agreement of each individual file? If not - why put yourself and your school at risk?

    Are you using Youtube?

    Are you downloading videos from YouTube for use at your school? YOU CAN'T - BUT We can give you the tools to use YouTube and YouTube EDU and still make sure that correct copyright and legal use practices are upheld.

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